That Beta Life

My whole life I feel like I’ve been experimented on. I don’t mean Truman Show style experimented on (however that would explain some things), but I feel like my class was the subject to many a new program.


I grew up in WA State and attended public school. Our standardized test at the time was called the WASL and MY class was the first to go all the way through it from start to finish. The testing started for us in the second grade and we took it every few years through the 10th grade. That last year you had to pass all 4 sections to graduate. It was gross…and now, after we suffered through that, Washington has thrown out the WASL and is now using a different test (eye roll emoji)!


That test was only one of many experimental programs my class was subject to. If I had a nickel for every time a teacher said “this is the first time we’re trying this” I’d be rich…even with inflation…seriously…


Mini Rant: Can I just take a second to rant about living in a fairly high ranked Test Market City?! Thanks. So, here’s how it works…somebody invents the world’s best candy bar, tests it in my town, and then when they decide they’ve got enough data they stop selling it! They make you fall in love with this candy bar and when they take it away you feel like the world has basically ended! Rude! OK…rant over.


In addition to the school stuff and the test market thing, I also feel like I’ve been a part of groups or organizations during a “time of transition” (imagine that phrase said in a super hoity toity voice). In fact, the church that I currently attend is in a “time of transition”(again with the voice). Now, if you thought The Church moved slowly before…try to get anything done in times such as these! (bangs head up against wall).


I can’t really say if this part of my life has been good or bad or even if you could say it was just one or the other. That Beta Life upbringing has both pros and cons.


Growing up with constant change has made me more flexible and more open to change where-as my grandparents generation did things the same way their whole lives because “that’s the way it’s always been done therefore it’s the RIGHT way and the ONLY way!”


Tradition, however wasn’t a thing in my childhood. Let’s just say I fully plan on creating some traditions of my own and sticking to them.


We have grown up with the biggest growth in technology and the biggest change in society to go with it. Millennials also seems to be the first to have entered into a new stage of life called “Young Adulthood”. There is no longer a set of expectations for what we are to be in our 20s and with no one to set the example we are all just trying to figure it out on our own.


Basically we have taken the Choose Your Own Adventure books up a notch and now that’s how we do real life. That betta life has turned us into a generation of wanders.


I realize this post isn’t particularly optimistic AND that “not all who wander are lost” (bleck cliché) but this seems to be kind of a problem. I guess my question is how do we take our inconsistent childhood and lack of expectations or direction in adulthood and turn it into something stable or solid? If you’ve figured this out, please, do tell 😉


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