Our Part-Time Cat

Meet Luna! She's an orange long haired cat who belongs to one of our neighbors. She's always visiting us so we sort of say she's our part time cat/fuzzy cuddle buddy. We (young, single adults), seem to be animal deprived and we often miss our childhood pets. A good percentage of landlords don’t allow pets, and to be fair, most of us aren’t in a stable enough place to take on the responsibility of a pet. So, that said, our part time situation with dear Luna is great for us.


I have no idea where the name Luna came from or what made my housemates think she's a she. I actually heard that almost all orange cats are male, but don’t take my word for it (I don’t have three credible sources on that fact).


Anyways. Luna is very kind (which also makes me think that she is actually a he), however, Luna is still an animal and “she gonna do what eva she please”! So. Remember that garden I planted? She has found another purpose for the bare spot in the yard...I'll just let you use your imagination. Luckily she chose to do her thing where my potatoes are which means she didn't dig down far enough to get to the seeds.


Side Note: Potatoes grow from seed potatoes which are basically sad, shriveled potatoes that have started growing sprouts (called an eye). You cut said potatoes into sections with at least one eye in each and then bury them 6" into the ground. If you've seen The Martian then you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen it then go, right now, go watch it, I'll be here when you're done. It will change your life, seriously. So. Good. Ok. Anyway. Focus. Those sad little potatoes turn into a gaggle of potatoes in the ground. Pretty cool, huh?!


Anyways. After discovering this monstrosity, I went to my internet mentors for advice. They said that cats don't like the smell of citrus or coffee grounds among other things. Luckily, I had just made cold brew (remind me to tell you all about cold brew, you won't regret it) so coffee grounds were plentiful. I spread them around the edge of the garden so hopefully Luna will get the idea to butt out of my space.


Fingers crossed.


In other news, it's growing! There’s green stuff popping up and it's not weeds! Well, some of them are weeds...but still, it's exciting! Let's hope they keep it up.



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