My Green Thumb Experiment

Last year I got the wild hair to grow a garden. I don't know if it's because I was 26 and single and watching all my friends grow baby humans or...what...but I decided to embark on a big project that I was super not qualified for. Let’s just say that gardening/the ability to keep plants alive doesn’t run in my gene pool.


I, like many in my generation wasn't taught how to be domestic by my elders. My mom never taught me how to cook a ham and my grandfather never taught me how to select a good whiskey or mow the lawn.


When I want to know how to do something I go to the experts...I go to YouTube!


After watching a few videos and reading a few articles I considered myself educated enough and decided I was going to build myself a little stand up garden. Go Team (Me and my Internet mentors)!


I think the real initial joy for me in this project was designing and building something and not so much the gardening part. I had just acquired a bunch of power tools (thank you, tax return) and was itchin' to use them.


Side note: I have what I call the “baby face curse” but even though “curse” is in the title it's not all bad. I'm pretty sure the salesman at the home improvement store thought I was building this thing for a high school project or something and he gave me the screws and some of the wood for free. As annoying as it is that people constantly think I'm two thirds my real age...I wasn't going to turn away free stuff.


Anyway. Blah blah blah, fast forward to finishing my build and the reality hitting me that I now actually had to attempt to grow vegetables in it. It was kind of a terrifying thought. But I mean, my friends were growing tiny humans, I could grow a radish...right?!  Solid maybe.


Well, I ended up being mostly successful. I got a decent first harvest: radishes, carrots, peas, spinach, green onions, basil, and cilantro. I did plant again mid-late summer and that didn't amount to much.  If you are thinking "Wow you got a lot out of your first harvest!" Remember that it was a very small space and I didn't get a lot of each thing, but it grew and that's all I needed to be satisfied. It wasn’t so much about reaping a huge harvest as it was about my need to take care for something.




Truth be told when it came time to start thinking about planting this year though I was not excited. I came up with a bunch of excuses why I shouldn't:

  1. I'm living in a different house now and I don't think my plants will do as well here.
  2. I'm probably going to be gone a lot this summer for my job and won't be able to tend to it.
  3. It's a lot of work....(it's not really)
  4. It's cold and I don't want to. (In my defense, we in the Inland Northwest had a very. Long. Hard. Winter. Or at least it was longer, harder, and winteryer then normal).
  5. Etc.


But, for some reason unknown to me and with no preparation, I planted again, and oh boy did I plant. I one-upped myself from last year by adding a ground garden as well adding watermelon, potatoes, pumpkins, honeydew, and corn to the mix.


Despite my earlier hesitation to continue my little garden project I'm in it now so we'll see how it goes.


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